Excellence Through Quality Improvement


Stimson, S.C. "Carl"   (1986, ASQC)   Florida Power & Light, Miami, FL

40th Annual Quality Congress, May 1986, Anaheim, CA    Vol. 40    No. 0
QICID: 3209    May 1986    pp. 386-391
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Article Abstract

The profitability of a company is determined by how well it controls expenses while providing a competitive product or service to its customers. Expense control is a determinant of many factors, both internal and external to the firm; however, the quality of the product or service as perceived by the customer and the productivity of the firm's entire workforce from the CEO to the least paid employee are two of the major factors effecting expenses.Developing and implementing a tailored Quality Improvement Program (QIP) in your company will result in improvements both in productivity and product quality. A Quality Improvement Program is a way of encouraging innovative actions and planning for change. This paper describes what a quality improvement is, it leads the reader through the process of determining what the term "quality" really means, it discusses the benefits of such a program and covers the reasons why your company needs a QIP. This portion of the paper is beneficial to the person(s) attempting to sell their management in terms of establishing their own QIP. The how to in relation to developing a tailored program for your company is described in the area of development methodology. The basic philosophy and culture that must be developed, taught and instilled in all employees to make your QIP a success is thoroughly detailed. Also covered are QIP goals, the key principles involved, and the steps that lead to successful program implementation.



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