The Human Element in Service Industry Quality


Connell, Gale W.   (1986, ASQC)   Rath & Strong, Inc., Lexington, MA

40th Annual Quality Congress, May 1986, Anaheim, CA    Vol. 40    No. 0
QICID: 3200    May 1986    pp. 323-328
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Article Abstract

When implementing quality improvement programs in the Service Industries, the human element is of special importance. Service Industries are, by nature, more sensitive to human relation issues than most manufacturing related industries. They are selling "service", and the quality of this service is firmly connected to the behavior of the employees.The right training, procedures, hardware, software, and facilities are prerequisites for success in the Service Industry, but without teamwork, they will not jell in the right way to produce results. Teamwork has to take place between people, but when there is inadequate leadership, destructive competition, or just poor interpersonal skills, people will not get along and teamwork will be elusive.This paper describes the anatomy of a failure in an actual service organization caused by lack of teamwork. Reasons for teamwork problems are offered as well as steps to take to avoid these problems.



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