Change Healthcare Organizations From Good to Great


Bodinson, Glenn W.   (2005, ASQ)

Quality Progress    Vol. 38    No. 11
QICID: 20200    November 2005    pp. 22-29

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Article Abstract

The Institute of Medicine estimates that the cost of the medical errors resulting in thousands of deaths each year and injury to thousands more is over $20 billion annually. While these figures are unacceptable, the good news is that the application of medical best practices can prevent 80 to 90 percent of these adverse events. What determines how successful a healthcare organization will become is how well its leadership system creates a culture of excellence and safety, improves the enterprise system, and implements best practices. Organizations using the Baldrige National Quality Program Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence are dramatically improving clinical outcomes. In 2005 the healthcare sector accounted for more than 50 percent of the organizations applying for the Baldrige award, making healthcare the fastest growth segment. In today's competitive environment, those who have chosen performance excellence are reaping the benefits of an environment where staff, patients and physicians thrive. A sidebar article explains how technology, support processes, and excellence result in healthcare innovation.


Best practices,Change strategies,Health care,Healthcare industry,Leadership,Performance objectives,Preventative action,Quality Improvement System (QIS),Baldrige Award (MBNQA)

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