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Johnson, Kristen   (2005, ASQ)  

Quality Progress    Vol. 38    No. 8
QICID: 20133    August 2005    pp. 48-53

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Article Abstract

Soon after the Texas Nameplate Co. (TNC) won its first Baldrige Award in 1998, president and CEO Dale Crownover was already discussing how to improve TNC in a Baldrige way so the company could reapply for the award as soon as it was eligible. Now, not only is TNC the smallest company to have received a Baldrige award, but it also became in 2004 the only small business to have received the reward twice. TNC is united as a single team, working for the same purpose. The company defines success in operational terms. It has essentially embedded Baldrige criteria into the way it conducts business. TNC has a separate mission and purpose: Its mission focuses on serving its customers and suppliers, while its purpose focuses on employees and their families. TNC wants to be exemplary, and it is at its best when it uses quality on a daily basis. A sidebar article explains the wisdom of TNC's separate vision, mission, purpose, and goal.


Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA),Mission,Quality philosophy,Small business,Vision,Case study

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