Is It Time to Look in the Mirror or Out the Window? The Marketplace as Catalyst for Effective Team Development


Austin, Jill; Kipp, Mary Ann; Weiland, Pat   (2003, AQP)   Kipp & Associates; TRICOR

Annual Spring Conference Proceedings, New Orleans, LA    Vol. 25    No. 0
QICID: 19921    February 2003    pp. 1-10
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Article Abstract

PowerPoint presentation slides The theory of business framework leads to developing a strategy for business, implementing the strategy, and evaluating company performance. If performance is unsatisfactory, change must be made. The change may be focused on tighter controls at the strategy implementation stage, revising the strategy, or adopting an entirely new business concept. Deciding which route to follow, whether to look outward, as through a window, or inward, as at a mirror, is the challenge. Dealing with the marketplace, those factors outside the walls, requires understanding of customer and market needs, examination of the value proposition, understanding the competition, and identifying and aligning with partners. Facing those demands can stimulate your team to achieve greater effectiveness.


Change strategies,Customer and market focus,Customer satisfaction (CS),Strategy,Business performance

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