How World-Class Quality Works: An Introduction


Brannon, Donald R.   (1999, ASQ)  

Quality Management Conference, Charlotte, NC    Vol. 11    No. 0
QICID: 18918    January 1999    pp. 1-15
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Article Abstract

Understanding how quality works is key to understanding what makes it viable. The best way to get quality to work is through systems. In systems, ends of learning and improvement cycles become other cycles' beginnings. The setting for exploring how systems learning works here is primarily that of for-profit enterprises. Private enterprise provides the dominant perspectives for improving instrumental quality. Instrumental quality is about how quality works and about that which dispenses quality. The second setting explored is systems teaching at work. This setting primarily is that of public education enterprises, but may apply to other settings as well. While many of the concepts used in systems teaching at work are universal, the dominant mechanism is public enterprise to others. Finally, lessons learned in the above settings are synthesized into how systems leading works. Principles, individual steps in leading, and enterprising steps in leading are covered.


Education,Entrepreneurship,World-class quality,Quality Control Department,Leadership

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