Virtual Quality(c)


Taormina, Tom   (1998, Tom Taormina, Productivity Resources, LLC.)   Productivity Resources, LLC

Quality Management Conference, Charlotte, NC    Vol. 11    No. 0
QICID: 18908    January 1999    pp. 1-4

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Article Abstract

In today's world, practitioners of quality must strive to integrate the tools of quality conformance and improvement into the mainstream of our value delivery systems. Efforts to remove defects and errors from products and services have yet to find a universal solution to achieving zero defects. Recently, the focus has moved from defect detection to defect prevention. This move from quality control to quality assurance has been extremely effective in reducing defect rates and lessening the need for tollgate inspection. Today, quality professionals are becoming involved in all aspects of business life. While experiencing some success integrating quality management into business culture, many continue to approach quality as a discipline and not as an integrated part of providing services and products. Virtual Quality(c) suggests that the culture and tools of conformance and continuous improvement be integrated into the work processes they now support. If we look at our companies as a holistic system of contingent processes, the need to make the traditional quality disciplines an integral part of the value delivery system becomes apparent. Additionally, a basic cultural shift must take place to make Virtual Quality a reality in an existing organization. Process owners have to accept total responsibility for every aspect of their process. The value of people and their responsibilities to each other is becoming accepted as a key to future business success. We must, therefore, commit to dismantling traditional quality management and making it part of our daily lives.


Quality tools,Quality assurance (QA),Cultural change,Quality management (QM),Value-added

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