Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story


Jubelirer, Jim (   (2000, ASQ)   Burke Customer Satisfaction Associates, Chapel Hill, NC

Service Quality Conference, Scottsdale, AZ    Vol. 9    No. 0
QICID: 18876    September 2000    pp. 1-12
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Article Abstract

Jointly with the 7th Asia Pacific Quality Organization Conference: SQD presentation

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The Internet has changed the way business is done, creating a dramatic power shift from manufacturer/provider to purchaser. The result is that customers are more demanding than ever, but providers have more access than ever. Too many companies rely only on unsolicited feedback and therefore do not have a true picture of their performance in the marketplace. Qualitative methods can provide insight and direction into key customer requirements and marketplace trends. Rigorous surveys are essential to validate performance and provide a sound basis for decision-making. The Integrated Customer Sensing Architecture captures and analyzes inbound customer comments and complaints. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used to link relationship/product/process surveys with transactional, event surveys and to link customer and employee metrics to internal metrics and financial results. The closed loop process ensures critical accountability.


Customer and market focus,Employee satisfaction,Customer surveys,Customer expectation

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