Interview: The World of Patch Adams and Geshundheit!


  (2002, AQP)  

AQP News for a Change    Vol. 6    No. 2
QICID: 18734    February 2002    pp. 1-2
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Physician, clown, and alternative thinker are terms some might use to describe Dr. Patch Adams, but, in an interview, Dr. Adams says he is all about peace, justice, and care, and being a "raging doer" promoting social action. Adams dedicates himself to shifting attention from money and power to compassion and generosity. He bemoans the fact that he is primarily known as the one-dimensional character in "Patch Adams," a movie about his medical training and work. While he enjoys the fact that many have been inspired to care for others, he regrets that his fame has not helped to feed and care for more people in need around the world. But bringing cheer to troubled people, playing a clown in Bosnia or another underdeveloped country, and supporting The Gesundheit Institute, an innovative model for health care delivery, now provide satisfaction for Patch Adams.


Health care,Change management,Innovation,Healthcare industry

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