Behind Pike Place Fish: A Conversation With Jim Bergquist


Bergquist, Jim   (2002, AQP)  

AQP News for a Change    Vol. 6    No. 2
QICID: 18733    February 2002    pp. 1-3
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Strategic business coach Jim Bergquist started working with John Yokoyama of the Pike Place Fish Market in 1986, when the store was facing serious business troubles. In an interview, Bergquist explained that he encouraged Yokoyama to commit himself to a grand-scale vision for the store and then coached Yokoyama by training him to lead his store crew in pursuit of the vision. Bergquist's approach is to work with people on four principles: the principle of personal power, the principle of co-creation; the principle of creating a vision of power and possibility, and the principle of allowing for discontinuous results. He maintains that personal responsibility involves operating as if you are the source of what happens. Bergquist asserted that taking a stand for something new requires reconceptualizing, reinterpreting, and reordering circumstances around the situation. And to realize a vision, you must translate the vision into a game that is fun to play and lends itself to continuation.


Change strategies,Quality improvement (QI),Problem solving,Interviews,Teams,Team building,Vision,Small business

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