Coming Soon: The Future


Case, Kenneth E.   (2002, ASQ)   American Society for Quality

Quality Progress    Vol. 35    No. 11
QICID: 18558    November 2002    pp. 25-29

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Article Abstract

Issues presented at the third futures study conducted by the American Society for Quality are highlighted. Conducted to energize strategic planning efforts, the study was guided by representatives from the Alternative Futures Institute and drew upon information from an ASQ international Delphi study. ASQ's 2002 futures team identified seven key forces likely to impact quality in the near future, and using the Delphi study of trends developed four scenarios for what society might be in the future. Quality professionals can project how the major trends embedded in each scenario are likely to impact the quality function. Creation of the next generation of quality tools and techniques will require acceptance of approaches that seem counter to current approaches. New technologies will be forced to consider the human element, and an emphasis on economics will reemerge. The results of the 2002 study are being incorporated in ASQ's strategic thinking for the coming year, and futuring may become an evergreen activity to help the society deal with rapid change and the possibility of unforeseen events. A sidebar article lists the seven key forces most likely to shape quality in the future.


Change management, Continuous quality improvement (CQI), Quality Control Department, Globalization, International quality study (IQS), Future Outlook

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