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Sinn, John W.   (2002, ASQ)   Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

Quality Progress    Vol. 35    No. 10
QICID: 18441    October 2002    pp. 24-29

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Article Abstract

The doctorate in technology management program offered by the School of Technology at Indiana State University is unique because it is a consortium of seven universities, with ISU being the degree issuing institution. The program provides specialized studies that prepare tech leaders for public and private sectors skilled in research procedures and technological processes. Each university has a unique approach that adds depth and diversity to the program. While much of the course work within the consortium is conducted electronically, a residency requirement includes two one-week on-campus seminar sessions during the pursuit of a degree. There are five technical specializations in the program, including quality systems specialization (QSS), which focuses on increased customer satisfaction in industry and service applications. QSS addresses three categories: quality culture, quality systems, and quality leadership. The courseware in all three courses is the Industrial Technologists' Toolkit for Technical Management, a collection of 40 tools organized to synchronously solve technical problems for quality improvement. QSS has been up and running since the late 1990s, and currently has 12 to 15 students at various levels. It is expected that enrollments could double as graduating students spread the word as they enter the profession. Sidebar articles describe online teaching methods and QSS course descriptions.


Technology, Quality tools, Higher education, Quality philosophy, Quality system

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