The Economics of Choice: Even the High Priests of Business-Economists-Struggle with Placing a Value on Work and Home


  (2000, AQP)  

AQP News for a Change    Vol. 4    No. 8
QICID: 18354    August 2000    pp. 1-4
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Assistant economics professor Steve Elliott, Ph.D.; author Peter Block; and Dr. Cathy Kramer, former Teamwork & Participation Forum executive director, discussed the economics of choice with News for a Change editor Bill Brewer. Elliott noted the problem economists have predicting individual choices. Personal preferences are not logically ordered. In addition, economic models that evaluate work preferences have not caught up with the merging of work and family life. Time, as Block pointed out, can have a different value in different contexts, and employers are shifting from paying for time to paying for jobs.


Incentive systems,Compensation,Competitiveness,Economics

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