Sorry We're Closed: Diary of a Shutdown: Part 15


  (2000, AQP)  

AQP News for a Change    Vol. 4    No. 5
QICID: 18337    May 2000    pp. 10
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Member $5.00

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Article Abstract

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Elizabeth Hill is the pseudonym of an engineer who kept a diary of her plant's shutdown process. Her colleagues became increasingly listless as the shutdown date approached. Some of them didn't even always bother to show up. The shipping and warehouse departments started getting rid of equipment that was no longer being supplied, and it rapidly became evident that the final production contracts wouldn't be adequately fulfilled. Strangers who found out where Hill worked asked what she was doing next or told her about job openings. She noticed that some of her coworkers exited their jobs after loud farewells, while others slipped out silently. Those who were left began referring to their emotional states during business discussions. A moment of excitement occurred when a snake was found during the dismantling of empty cubicles.



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