Eight Steps to a Lean Enterprise - Going Beyond Lean Manufacturing and into the Office


Toussaint, Martyn R.   (2002, QMD)   Haworth, Inc., Holland, MI

Quality Management Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana    Vol. 14    No. 0
QICID: 18259    February 2002    pp. 1-6

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Article Abstract

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While Lean Manufacturing is commonly applied in manufacturing settings, few companies have considered applying the "waste elimination" concept to their administrative and service processes. A methodology is proposed for expanding this Lean Manufacturing strategy into a Lean Enterprise strategy that eliminates waste from all core business processes. An eight-step process uses a variety of lean tools to eliminate waste in administrative and service processes. Examples with results are included. Additionally, the eight-step process leads to a new strategy for managing the enterprise and creating a positive culture shift to meet the demands of today's workforce.


Business plans,Continuous improvement (CI),Core processes,Waste,Lean manufacturing,Quality tools,Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC)

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