Behavior-Based Management as a Competitive Strategy


Spigener, Jim; Hodson, Stan   (2002, QMD)   Behavioral Science Technology, Inc., Ojai, CA

Quality Management Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana    Vol. 14    No. 0
QICID: 18254    February 2002    pp. 1-4

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Article Abstract

Many organizations first become acquainted with behavior-based systems (BBS) in a safety application. Organizations with existing BBS efforts are finding that this technology can be used to produce creative tension with the status quo in other areas of performance than safety. There is considerable overlap between BBS and behavior-based methods of optimizing production. As in BBS, the goal is to identify and remove existing system barriers that inhibit excellent performance. However, it is important to link barrier removal to other quality improvement efforts and to involve engineering, management, and operations experts in new ways. Many organizations are using the behavior-based approach to improve health care, decision making, quality, and productivity. Many companies are seeing the value of learning how to use behavior-based methods to reach beyond safety to break new ground in optimizing bottom-line performance.


Behavior modification,Throughput,Performance objectives,Motivation

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