Proactive Supplier Quality: A Two-Pronged Approach


Festa, David B.   (2002, QMD)   Kendro Laboratory Products, Newtown, CT

Quality Management Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana    Vol. 14    No. 0
QICID: 18251    February 2002    pp. 1-6

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Article Abstract

No organization intentionally produces inferior products or advocates a reduction in quality. In practice, however, quality is often mere lip service, and attempted remedies come in the form of exhortations to try harder to do a better job. The challenges are escalating as mergers and acquisitions create large, multinational corporations. The newly merged companies bring with them a set of complex supplier relationships. Suppliers don't understand the real demands on the product for which they are producing components. Management has no clear idea where breakdowns and inefficiencies occur. There is no single answer to this challenge. Solutions need to be broad, deep, reactive and proactive, and they need to evolve to meet changing conditions. However, with the right tools and strategies, the challenge can be met. Two approaches are outlined that are especially effective. A Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) can facilitate quality partnerships between suppliers and purchasers throughout the development life cycle. A Global Supplier Manual can both communicate the organizing quality principles and expectations of an organization and cover the specifics relevant to individual sites throughout the world.


Globalization,Mission statements,Quality tools,Quality improvement (QI)

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