The Status Quo's Failure in Problem Solving


Palady, Paul; Olyai, Nikki   (2002, ASQ)   Innovision Technologies Inc., Novi, MI

Quality Progress    Vol. 35    No. 8
QICID: 18217    August 2002    pp. 34-39
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Article Abstract

In their quest to create and implement the newest initiatives, organizational leaders frequently fail to notice that simple changes in the existing system can ensure the success of future efforts. Problem solving is a critical link shared by all quality systems. In the fast paced technological environment, recognition for structured problem solving is critical. Unfortunately, the organizational status quo tends to deal with many problematic conditions in a superficial way, prolonging the problem and ensuring that more problems will develop. Additionally, there is a widespread belief that problems result from errors. This idea compromises objectivity and becomes an obstacle to structured problem solving. Varying approaches to problem solving have collectively contributed to problem solving methodologies, but they are often mistakenly viewed as competing strategies. Solving chronic problems requires a structured approach, beginning with the identification of the problem, followed by an in-depth investigation of the causes, and concluding with the development of a solution. Which models and strategies to use will be determined by the problem description. The goal of all organizations should be to develop a comprehensive problem solving strategy that is appropriate to the organization's plans and objectives. By taking the lead and sponsoring a structured approach to problem solving, top management can seize the opportunity to change institutional flaws and develop the true potential of the organization.


Quality management (QM),Upper management,Problem solving,Leadership

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