Column: Views For A Change: Consultant Q&A


Miller, G. Herbert; Runyan, John; Harrington, H. James   (1998, AQP)  

AQP News for a Change    Vol. 2    No. 2
QICID: 17841    February 1998    pp. 8-9
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Article Abstract

As we move from a traditional to a particpative style of managment, coaches(formerly supervisors, foremen, etc.) are being trained to manage in a different way. Today's expectations and behaviors are dramatically different. However, when a crisis occurs coaches tend to revert back to the directive style that brought them (or the comapny) success in the past. While the crisis gets resolved, these incidents can dramatically undermine a company's efforts towards a partipcative workforce. What advice would you offer to company leaders and coaches that will help them to not only minimize such incidents, but to overcome the effects when they occur?



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