From Quality to Business Success


Taormina, Tom   (2002, ASQ)   Productivity Resources LLC, Virginia City, NV

Quality Progress    Vol. 35    No. 4
QICID: 15408    April 2002    pp. 40-44

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Article Abstract

Quality professionals have made little progress in communicating how to convert quality tools and methods into a foundation for sound business management. The model "quality as a profit center (QPC)" makes the case that every facet of a quality management system must be tied to key business-process performance indicators to garner any real executive level support. Three catastrophic events of international significance, the Enron bankruptcy, the events of September 11, and the near disaster of the Apollo 13 space mission, are powerful arguments for viewing quality tools as a foundation for business survival. In each case the application of just six quality management principles taken from ISO 9001:2000 would have prevented business disaster and chaos, if only it had been known how to make the transition from quality to business. The QPC model is designed not only to make business leaders aware that quality is directly related to bottom-line performance, but to communicate the quality management connection with business continuity strategy and disaster survival.


Lessons learned, ISO 9000, Disaster planning, Quality management (QM), Business plans, Quality tools, September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001, Upper management, Quality philosophy

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