Sustainability: Enlarging Quality's Mission


Hitchcock, Darcy; Willard, Marsha   (2002, ASQ)   AXIS Performance Advisors, Portland, OR

Quality Progress    Vol. 35    No. 2
QICID: 15303    February 2002    pp. 43-47
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Article Abstract

The past twenty years have seen major changes in the way business is conducted. Quality has taken on an entirely new meaning in the 21st century. In a global economy customer satisfaction, while still a critical business goal, must share the stage with other stakeholders. The watchword for the 21st century is sustainability - simultaneously meeting the needs of the economy, society, and the environment. Most business won't pursue sustainability if it eats into profits, but progressive business look upon it as an opportunity to reduce waste and costs. Sustainability also increases revenues by creating new products and services. Still, many businesses may find the concept of sustainability to be too far out of the mainstream manufacturing setting. In such cases, it is preferable to work within the processes and structures already in the organization. Five approaches are proposed that use existing structures to introduce sustainability while minimizing the impact on corporate culture. Quality professionals have the critical skills necessary for implementing sustainability and can now apply them to the important task of saving resources for future generations. Sidebar articles list natural resources that are in steep decline and explain some root causes of terrorist attacks on the United States.


Sustainability,Resources,Quality philosophy,Globalization,Business plans,Environment

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