Some Axioms of Quality Control


Kerr, William A.   (1944, ASQC)   Spencer Lens Company

Industrial Quality Control    Vol. 1    No. 1
QICID: 15077    July 1944    pp. 3-5
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Article Abstract

(pp. 3, 14-15)

  • Axiom I. Wherever like products are turned out in quantity, control chart technique is applicable.
  • Axiom II. Variability of product is basic in any repetitive operation.
  • Axiom III. Statistical control should be introduced gradually.
  • Axiom IV. The quality control operator must also a coordinator.
  • Axiom V. Quality must be built into a product; it cannot be introduced through inspection.
  • Axiom VI. Manufacturing processes will usually not be found in a state of control.
  • Axiom VII. A state of control must be established at a satisfactory level before any product or operation can be approved for routine control chart management.
  • Axiom VIII. Control chart analysis leads to better product quality with lower inspection cost.
  • Axiom IX. The one indispensable quality of the manager of a quality control program is common sense.

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