Improving the Way We Think


Okes, Duke   (2000, ASQ)   APLOMET/Applied Logical Methods, Blountville, TN

Annual Quality Congress, Indianapolis, IN    Vol. 54    No. 0
QICID: 14035    May 2000    pp. 406-411
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Article Abstract

[This abstract is based on the author's abstract.] Some of the first efforts in the quality transformation of American businesses involved teaching employees about tools like statistical process control (SPC) and quality control. To improve the application of these tools, it was necessary to devise a structured approach. The full potential of quality management was not recognized until organizations began to clarify and operate according to key principles that included focusing on customer satisfaction, leadership by top managers, company-wide implementation of process management, and continual employee development processes. Another, deeper level of organizational improvement focused on the thinking process is required in the current business environment because computer and communications technologies have increased the amount of information that organizations must handle and the speed with which they must reach decisions. Critical thinking is a process that is now necessary.


Critical thinking,Decision making,Process improvement,Statistical process control (SPC),Quality control (QC),Quality tools,Process management

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