Creative Thinking For Surprising Quality


Plsek, Paul E.   (2000, ASQ)  

Quality Progress    Vol. 33    No. 5
QICID: 13919    May 2000    pp. 67-73
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Article Abstract

Understanding and exceeding the needs of customers is critical for quality management. By using customer surveys and focus groups, organizations are asking customers to be creative on their behalf, but customer research alone does not result in the kind of innovation that goes beyond generating customer satisfaction to encourage customer retention. Internal brainstorming sessions are often used to product innovative ideas, but brainstorming is a weak tool. Organizations need to innovative and deliver surprising quality through the use of directed creativity. Directed creativity requires individuals and teams to use the basic mental processes of attention, escape, and movement to develop new ideas. The approach goes beyond customer needs analysis in quality management. Since quality is related to continuously exceeding customer expectations in the competitive market, creative thinking and innovation represent key competencies for quality advocates. By using the basic concepts of directed creativity, practitioners can learn to think creatively when the need arises.


Needs analysis,Quality analysis,Customer service,Customer satisfaction (CS),Customer focus,Creativity

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