Fast Initial Response for CUSUM Quality-Control Schemes: Give Your CUSUM a Head Start


Lucas, James M.; Crosier, Ronald B.   (2000, ASQ and American Statistical Association)   E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE

Technometrics    Vol. 42    No. 1
QICID: 13872    February 2000    pp. 102-107
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Article Abstract

[This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] The average run length and the distribution of run length for cumulative sum (CUSUM) quality control schemes are presented. Fast initial response (FIR) CUSUM schemes are compared to standard CUSUM schemes. The comparisons show that if the process starts out in control, the FIR feature has little effect. However, if the process mean is not at the desired level, an out-of-control signal will be given faster when the FIR feature is used. Therefore, the FIR feature is especially valuable at start-up or after a CUSUM has given an out-of-control signal.


Average run length (ARL),Cumulative sum control chart (CUSUM),Quality control (QC),Markov chains,Fast initial response (FIR)

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