An Algorithm for the Construction of "D-Optimal" Experimental Designs


Mitchell, Toby J.   (2000, ASQ and American Statistical Association)   Union Carbide Corp., Oak Ridge, TN

Technometrics    Vol. 42    No. 1
QICID: 13865    February 2000    pp. 48-54
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Article Abstract

[This abstract is based on the author's abstract.] The DETMAX algorithm is presented. Its purpose is to construct experimental designs that are D-optimal. These are designs for which the determinant of X'X is maximum, where X is the matrix of independent variables in the usual linear model y = Xb + e. Although the algorithm does not guarantee D-optimality, it has performed well in many cases where D-optimal designs are known. Five examples are given, illustrating the use of DETMAX to construct designs from scratch and to augment existing data. A FORTRAN listing is available on request.


Design of experiments (DOE),Augmentation,D-optimality

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