Bringing Quality to the Masses: The Miracle of Loaves and Fishes


Watson, Gregory H.   (1998, Gregory H. Watson)   Business Systems Solutions, Inc., Tampa, FL

Quality Progress    Vol. 31    No. 6
QICID: 13339    June 1998    pp. 29-32

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Article Abstract

A comprehensive learning system supported by information technology will enable quality practitioners of the future to transfer their knowledge to entire organizations. The American Society for Quality Futures Team envisions the sharing of knowledge so that problem solvers and the information they need are brought together, even if there are fewer quality professionals. The technological enablers that will drive such knowledge management include adaptive systems, agent technology, electronic books, expert systems, groupware, and relational databases. Other support will come from access to contextual information and the application of adult learning theory that emphasizes discovery and active inquiry. To achieve success in this future, the quality profession should participate in the development of expert systems. There also needs to be research into technological linkages for knowledge management; and into a standard, logical characterization of problems.


American Society for Quality (ASQ),Technology,Quality profession,Information management

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