Improving Team Effectiveness


Snee, Ronald D.; Kelleher, Kevin H.; Myers, J. Gordon; Reynard, Sue   (1998, Oriel Inc. (608/238-8134 - phone; 608/238-2908 - fax))   Bell Atlantic, New York, NY; Oriel Inc., Madison, WI

Quality Progress    Vol. 31    No. 5
QICID: 13331    May 1998    pp. 43-48

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Article Abstract

Successful teams are supported by assessment programs; management and individual commitment; and access to the skills, knowledge, and techniques that they need. More than a decade of experience has taught organizations that effective teamwork requires planning and leadership. It has been learned that teams thrive on assessment. Self-evaluations help teams decide how they are doing. These can take place at the end of meetings, at milestones, and after projects are complete. There also should be regular management reviews of individual teams, as well as organizational reviews of the entire team structure. Case studies demonstrate common difficulties that teams have. One team did its work without direction from management. Another worked hard at its task but could not do proper data analyses. A third team identified solutions but found that its recommendations were ignored. These team failures might have been avoided if: management had given clearer direction and had used a team monitoring system; team members had been better prepared for data analysis, perhaps by having access to a problem solving model; and management had taken the responsibility to support team recommendations. An organization also is responsible for aligning all teams with each other and to the organization's strategies and mission. This requires that teams be chartered and monitored.


Alignment,Assessment,Case study,Teams,Leadership,Management,Commitment

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