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Wilson, Hilary M.   (1998, Hilary M. Wilson)   Wilson and Associates, Duluth, MN

Quality Progress    Vol. 31    No. 12
QICID: 13293    December 1998    pp. 27-30

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Article Abstract

A robust and adaptive ISO 9000 quality system fosters efficiency and effectiveness. A proactive strategy will lead to elimination of nonconformities and development of a solid infrastructure. The DISTRO company has done this by adhering to the following eight recommendations.

First, make sure the documentation system is simple.
ISO 9000 provides guidelines for this simplicity, and it accepts the use of flowcharts, process maps, and other graphics to document procedures and instructions. DISTRO used only 60 pages for its documentation package.
Second, participation should go beyond a single person, consultant, or department. A critical mass of people is needed.
At DISTRO, 10 of its 110 employees were involved in the initial design and development of the quality management system.
Third, everyone in the organization should be aware of the intent of the ISO 9000 standard and how it relates to business strategy and to employees.
Fourth, the internal auditing team should be a cross section of personnel, including both supporters and detractors.
Fifth, establish a learning organization that nurtures the ISO 9000 concept of interface.
Sixth, use the internal audit to identify opportunities for improvement.
The audit schedule should adapt to the changes in quality system maturity and in personnel, products, and other factors.
Seventh, the corrective action process should permanently solve actual problems, while preventive action should eliminate potential problems.
Eighth, there must be integration of the ISO 9000 process into the organization's business system.
Key components of integration are personal development and employee recognition.


Internal audit,Case study,Corrective action,Documentation,Prevention,Learning organizations,ISO 9000

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