Leadership Will Prevail


Harris, Michael C.   (1997, Michael C. Harris)   NEICO, Orange, CA

Quality Progress    Vol. 30    No. 9
QICID: 13271    September 1997    pp. 83-86

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Article Abstract

Basic leadership skills and the control panel are essential features of integrated leadership in the competitive environment of the 21st century. An understanding of basic leadership skills is fostered by examining the management principles of the industrial revolution. These theories have been debated for decades, and they still find application today despite the countervailing concepts in Deming's 14 points. Two contentious ideas of scientific management are the separation of planning from the doing of work, and the mental revolution envisioned for workers and managers. Leadership in today's complex environment must rely on concepts like teamwork, knowledge, and the power of the customer. No one individual is capable of having all the knowledge and skills needed to master typical organization processes. Thus, there may be a role for a mental revolution that goes beyond the voice of the customer and attends to the needs of all stakeholders of an organization. The major tool for such alignment and leadership is the control panel. Its components include planning, uniqueness, and sensors. Planning in the traditional strategic sense is no longer acceptable. Planning in the information age must be a continuous process. Key to the usefulness of sensors is strategic placement, so that information is accurate, reliable, and representative. This article is based on excerpts from the author's book, Value Leadership: Winning Competitive Advantage in the Information Age.


Information management,Stakeholders,Scientific management,Leadership

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