Column: One Good Idea: Increase Employee Buy-In With Facilitated Flowcharting


Ensby, Michael H.   (1997, ASQ)   Ensby System Developers, Colton, NY

Quality Progress    Vol. 30    No. 7
QICID: 13263    July 1997    pp. 128
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Article Abstract

Process mapping too often produces flowcharts that are not used. However, a facilitator can help a group of employees update a flowchart that they will accept. The facilitated flowchart is based on the imagineering concept in which flowcharts are created for the process in its current and ideal states. In the facilitated version of imagineering, a facilitator discusses the process and its problems with a group of employees. The facilitator uses information gathered at this meeting to produce an updated flowchart. At a subsequent meeting, the group reacts to the update and suggests revisions, and the facilitator uses this information to create another draft. Eventually the product is an updated flowchart that is accepted by employees. Their acceptance follows from their involvement in the revision process, which emphasizes the process and its people rather than the flowcharting tool itself.


Flowcharts,Employee involvement (EI),Facilitators

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