Is Your Satisfaction Survey Creating Dissatisfied Customers?


Vavra, Terry G.   (1997, ASQ)   Marketing Metrics, Paramus, NJ

Quality Progress    Vol. 30    No. 12
QICID: 13182    December 1997    pp. 51-57
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Article Abstract

Customer satisfaction measurement (CSM), may be causing dissatisfaction, especially when compared to marketing research and opinion measurement techniques. Reasons for the dissatisfaction include customer anonymity and inadequate follow-through. CSM would benefit from the following suggestions. Acknowledge and thank customers who return their questionnaires. Respond to specific dissatisfactions and let customers know how their suggestions will be used. Use sampling and census methods appropriately; sampling reduces CSM costs, but the census method measures all customers. Focus on specific objectives and the appropriate customer group. These groups include current, past, potential, and competitor customers. Current customers usually are the prime target for CSM, though it can be difficult to define them. Past customers are sources of data about failures. However, potential customers can involve the CSM with people who might never become customers. Competitors' customers provide benchmarking data. A CSM initiative requires an accurate list of customers. Once created, this list should be the foundation for a separate satisfaction database. Response rates can be increased by prerecruiting. Incentives help, too, whether they be money, merchandise, services, the hope of product improvement, or a summary of survey results. CSM frequency can be periodic; or continuous, which allows constant focus on satisfaction; or after moments of truths, those critical incidents that test the organization's effectiveness. CSM findings should be disseminated via written report, management presentations, and frontline reports to workers and service providers.


Customer supplier relationships,Customer satisfaction (CS),Feedback,Measurement and control

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