Column: One Good Idea: Here's a PIP of an Improvement Plan


Fay, Gerry   (1997, ASQ)   Raab Karcher Electronics Inc., San Diego, CA

Quality Progress    Vol. 30    No. 10
QICID: 13171    October 1997    pp. 152
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Article Abstract

To maintain the focus of a process improvement team, try using a process improvement plan (PIP) for managing information about process flow, process steps, scheduling, and progress. A ten step PIP process is divided into four phases. The plan phase covers: identification of the process owner, team objective, and current process; documentation of the current process; and creation of an action plan for improvement. The do phase steps are: development and scheduling of the plan for changes; and setting up of indicators that will quantify improvement. The check phase covers: verification of improvements and maintenance of process capability; and making decisions on the need for further action. The act phase completes the PIP through: verification of effective changes that produced the expected results; integration and documentation of the new process; and monitoring and auditing of the new process. At Raab Karcher Electronics Inc., the first team to use PIP lowered the returned material inventory from half a million dollars to under one thousand dollars.


Case study,Teams,Information management,Process improvement

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