Quality, the Future, and You


Luther, David B.   (1996, ASQC)   Luther Quality Associates, Corning, NY

Quality Progress    Vol. 29    No. 7
QICID: 13095    July 1996    pp. 68-69
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Article Abstract

The American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) Futures Team recommends that now is the time for ASQC, quality professionals, and all organizations to prepare for rapid change. The 17-person team identified nine key forces and developed four scenarios to forecast life in the year 2010. The nine drivers of change will be: values such as environmentalism, ethic nationalism, and loyalty; globalization; a new work force affected by demographic shifts and contingent workers; continuing impact of the information revolution; customized marketing to meet customer needs; leadership; expansion of quality into new sectors; and the embedding of quality in all aspects of work. The four scenarios are characterized respectively by: significant economic and technological growth; slowdowns in the economy along with loss of natural resources; rapid commercial and technical growth combined with decreased standards of living; and real income increases in an era of ubiquitous quality. It is likely that the future will have fewer quality professionals, and they will need a variety of strategic skills. The ASQC must change, too, by better use of information technology, by diversifying its membership, and by increasing its customer focus.


American Society for Quality Control (ASQC),Economics,Forecasting,Quality profession

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