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Breisch, Roger E.   (1996, ASQC)   The Webber Group, Wheaton, IL

Quality Progress    Vol. 29    No. 1
QICID: 13057    January 1996    pp. 59-62
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Article Abstract

An employee attitude survey can identify issues that need to be addressed before an organization can become a positive and challenging workplace. The survey treats employees as customers. It can be part of a system that measures how far the organization is from honesty, integrity, and respect. The survey process includes these steps: commitment from senior management to the survey and the subsequent action plan; development of the survey instrument, with input from employees and survey experts; communication with employees about the purpose, schedule, and expectations of the survey; administration of the survey to all employees, at a cost of no more than $25-$30 per employee; review of the results with senior management and then with all employees; and implementing an action plan to fix the root causes of problems. Issues uncovered by the survey may be local (within a work group), regional (across work groups), or global (throughout the organization). Solving global issues might be expensive, but they deserve immediate attention.


Action plans,Employees,Empowerment,Feedback

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