Protection vs. Environment


Stratton, Brad   (1991, ASQC)   American Society for Quality Control, Milwaukee, WI

Quality Progress    Vol. 24    No. 4
QICID: 12518    April 1991    pp. 16-17
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Article Abstract

Should Quality Progress have a wrapper, and if so, what kind? These questions balance protection of the magazine and protection of the environment. Quality Progress has had a plastic wrapper, or polybag, since June 1988. The wrapper was a response to complaints about magazines damaged during shipping. American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) staff also hoped to place ASQC information in the bags, but postal regulations prevented that from happening. Complaints about damaged magazines have now decreased to zero. However, some subscribers are complaining about harm to the environment from disposal of the plastic wrappers, although both paper and plastic degrade very slowly in landfills. Therefore, readers are asked to return a ballot postcard. The card asks if Quality Progress should have a wrapper. Readers who say "yes" have a choice: the polybag, an open sleeve of kraft paper, or a cover wrap of recycled brown paper. Ballot results will appear in the July 1991 issue of Quality Progress.


American Society for Quality Control (ASQC),Customer satisfaction (CS),Publications,Defects,Environment,Customer surveys

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