1990 Quality Progress Salary Survey


Stratton, Brad   (1990, Quality-Progress)   American Society for Quality Control, Milwaukee, WI

Quality Progress    Vol. 23    No. 9
QICID: 12373    September 1990    pp. 26-40

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Article Abstract

TO RECEIVE A COPY OF THIS ANNUAL SURVEY, YOU MUST PURCHASE THE BACK ISSUE OF THE QUALITY PROGRESS MAGAZINE. PRICES FOR BACK ISSUES ARE: MEMBERS - $12.00; NONMEMBERS - $17.00. CALL ASQ AT 1/800-248-1946 OR 1-414-272-8575 AND ASK FOR ITEM NUMBER M1190. A survey of American Society of Quality Control (ASQC) members examined their annual pay. A response rate of 64% produced 3,833 usable surveys. The survey covered eight job titles: consultant, director, engineer, inspector, manager, specialist, supervisor, and technician. Their average salary is $43,363. Directors have the highest average salary ($65,085) and inspectors the lowest ($23,214). In job functions, the range is from $57,064 for consulting to $29,471 for inspecting. Those who are 25 years of age or less make $27,117, while those over 65 earn $59,423. Respondents with their present companies for less than five years earn $40,590, while those having 10 to 20 years with their present companies average about $42,000. The highest salaries are found in the business services industry and in the western and northeastern U. S. The lowest are in the fabricated metal products and rubber/miscellaneous plastic products industries and in the north central U. S. Men make more than women in all age categories, as men also do when the comparisons are by job title, length of experience, length of employment, and level of education. Most (60%) of the respondents say they are fairly compensated. The article includes 26 tables of data.


Employees,Compensation,American Society for Quality Control (ASQC)

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