You Can't Measure Client/Server, We're Different -- And Other Developer's Myths


Dekkers, Carol A.   (1997, American Society for Quality)   Quality Plus Technologies, Inc., Seminole, FL

International Conference on Software Quality, October 6-8 1997, Montgomery, AL    Vol. 7    No. 0
QICID: 11262    October 1997    pp. 236-244
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Article Abstract

The management of change and the implementation of software measurement require the awareness and debunking of ten software developer myths. Software measurement should be implemented within a PIMA (plan, implementation, measurement, action) structure. PIMA borrows concepts from total quality management and the philosophy of goal question metric. Successful measurement initiatives also must pay attention to cultural changes that affect people, jobs, and the workplace. The first myth is that client/server development is so different that it cannot be measured. But although client/server developers may be special, software measurement focuses on processes, not people. Processes do have measurable strengths and weaknesses. The second myth claims that software measurement is appropriate only for mainframe development. But process improvement techniques, including measurement, often work independently of the development approach or technology under analysis. The third myth claims that measurement is a fad. But measurement programs can have enormous impact on business performance. The fourth myth is that client/server development is so different that its measurement has no meaning. But measurement provides data for making project management decisions. Other myths deal with measurement frequency, project estimations, and management's role and perceptions.


Product development,Software quality,Change management,Cultural change,Measurement and control,Metrics

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