Orthogonal Defect Classification Using Defect Data to Improve Software Development


Bridge, Norman; Miller, Corinne   (1997, American Society for Quality)   Motorola Corporate Software Center, Schaumburg, IL; Motorola GSM Product Division, Arlington Heights, IL

International Conference on Software Quality, October 6-8 1997, Montgomery, AL    Vol. 7    No. 0
QICID: 11259    October 1997    pp. 197-213
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Article Abstract

Using the principle that each stage of software development is prone to certain types of defects, the Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) is an effective method for analyzing and classifying those defects. Among the attributes available for ODC are defect type, defect trigger, and defect impact. The first two deal with causal relationships, and the third deals with impact on the customer. The attribute-value set should be a spanning set over the development process, and it should reflect changes in the nature of defects as the product moves through the development process. Within defect type there are eight categories: interface, function, build/package/merge, assignment, documentation, checking, algorithm, and timing/serialization. Defect trigger has three categories: review and inspection, unit and function test, and field test. Defect impact covers ten areas: capability, usability, performance, reliability, installability, maintainability, documentation, migration, standards, and integrity/security. A feasibility study of ODC took place at the Motorola GSM Product Division for its Base Station Systems (GSMBSS). Results indicated that ODC matched well with the Fagan defect classification categories already used for GSMBSS. The study also showed that ODC did generate a defect distribution of different defects for different phases of the software development life cycle.


Defects,Software quality,Product development,Process improvement

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