Necessary Partnerships: Education and Business


Suchowolec, Larry   (1997, ASQ)   The Artery, Moorestown, NJ

National Governor's Conference on Quality in Education, November 8-11 1997, Dearborn, MI    Vol. 0    No. 0
QICID: 11064    November 1997    pp. 178-189
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Article Abstract

Training provided by educator and business partners at Parkway School have given teachers, staff, parents, and students improved skills in brainstorming, consensus building, data collection, goal setting, listening, problem solving, and team building. With these skills, school stakeholders can help the country maintain the value of its human capital. Projects handled by the trained groups at Parkway included a Sunny Side Up project that identified at risk students for whom assistance resulted in a dramatic rise in self-esteem. The Focus '95 team helped implement the changeover for fifth graders to a new school in the district. This team also initiated a lifelong learning program aimed at third graders. These students worked on listening skills, problem solving, brainstorming, consensus building, and creativity. Other teams took on projects like developing homework guides for parents and students and establishing access to the Internet. These projects have increased cooperation among parents, school management, and the union, and they have increased stakeholder awareness of mission, goals, and belief in success.


Case study,Teams,Education,Partnerships

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