Performance Reports: Use As Early Warning System


Childs, Joel   (1998, ASQ)   Roberts Express, Inc., Akron, OH

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10709    May 1998    pp. 375-381
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Article Abstract

At Roberts Express, the measuring and reporting systems have helped increase customer satisfaction while avoiding management-employee problems sometimes caused by poor implementation of performance reporting. Performance measures should fit into the nature of a company's business and the expectations of its customers. This is the case with the internal metrics used at Roberts Express. These include: the number of phone calls answered in 30 seconds; how quickly agents respond to driver calls and how quickly drivers answer their calls; the number of on-time pickups and on-time deliveries; and the adequacy of customer alerts. The company uses three research methods to gather data about customers. The customer satisfaction survey collects quantitative and qualitative data monthly from over 150 customers selected at random. The missed opportunity surveys are quarterly telephone interviews with 150 potential customers -- those who made contact with Roberts Express but did not use their services. For current and past customers who are using their services less frequently, Roberts Express once or twice a year runs a reduced usage/lost customer survey of 150 respondents. These three research methods have collected information leading to improvements such as: self-directed work teams that increase the personal touch in service; increased vehicle availability for potential customers; and heightened awareness of customer sensitivity to prices.


Case study,Customer satisfaction (CS),Customer surveys,Data collection,Measurement and control,Metrics

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