ISO 9000 and Strategic Planning


Merrill, Peter   (1998, ASQ)   Strider International, Toronto, ON

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10687    May 1998    pp. 226-233
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Article Abstract

Change management and employee involvement should be embedded into the five stages of strategic planning for ISO 9000 initiatives. First, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis helps to create an effective quality system. Strengths and weaknesses within the business can be analyzed by internal audits (ISO 9000 element 4.17) and corrective and preventive actions (4.14). External opportunities and threats are analyzed by tools like contract reviews (4.3) and corrective action (4.14.2). These analyses should include an examination of visible and invisible products, the latter being knowledge and information. Second, mission and vision are developed using tools like benchmarking. The company's principles and values will be described in its quality policy (4.1.1). Third, there should be a gap analysis of products, processes, skills, suppliers, and technology. These are related to ISO 9000 elements such as design control (4.4), inspection and test results (4.10), requirements training (4.18), supplier evaluation (4.6.2), and process control (4.9). Fourth, operational objectives must be established. They should emphasize skills, suppliers, and technology. Development of these objectives should involve an analysis of the manageable size of business units. Fifth, implementation and monitoring can be successful if employees were involved in the development of the previous four stages. Other keys to implementation and monitoring are measurement ownership, corrective action reporting (4.14), and internal audits (4.17).


Change management,ISO 9000,Employee involvement (EI),Strategic planning

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