Computerizing ISO 9000


Cachat, John M.   (1998, ASQ)   IQS, Inc., Cleveland, OH

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10685    May 1998    pp. 210-217
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Article Abstract

By focusing on business improvement, by giving users the direction and training they need, and by selecting the buy-it option over the make-it option, an organization can successfully computerize the records and business rules of an ISO 9000 initiative. It must be clear who is going to do data entry and who are the system owners, system users, and support team. There must be clear responsibility for application software, for application hardware, for data management procedures, and for data validation and output. Typical computer system requirements include hardware (workstations, servers, factory controls, and data collection peripherals) and software (for main applications, related applications, databases, and the operating systems). The supplier review process should cover factors like years in business, company size, references, training support, consulting, and the availability of user group meetings. Software review should cover factors like data entry, data retrieval, reports, user interface, software validation, flexibility, integration with other business systems, and cost. Total software cost includes licensing, maintenance, and other internal and external resources. Producing the software internally is an option, although too often this choice is made with inadequate preparation and the task given to someone who is not a programmer and who has other job responsibilities.


Hardware,ISO 9000,Computers,Software

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