Teaching Quality to Business Students


Latzko, William J.   (1998, ASQ)   Latzko Associates, North Bergen, NJ

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10684    May 1998    pp. 203-209
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Article Abstract

The Deming Model for education requires that students learn teamwork and presentation skills. In the Operations Management required course of the Fordham University MBA program, Deming's methods are used to teach Deming's methods. Recent implementations of this course have divided classwork into three elements: lecture, discussion of student questions, and team discussion of instructor questions. Lectures have been augmented by student presentation of some lecture material, as an alternative to having guest speakers. Student teams have about six people each, who are selected at random. Each team has two components, one for making small presentations and another to act as a discussion group. Training in team skills, including conflict resolution, has become an important aspect of the course. The Johnson and Johnson T chart method is a tool for team training. Team presentations are limited to 30 minutes and have been mixed in quality, despite many of the class members being supervisors and managers. Therefore, the instructor has provided presentation coaching to individual students. Question discussion has been improved by having the class discuss those items ranked highest by the students; the instructor distributes responses to the other questions at the following session. The course will continue to improve its use and teaching of Deming's method.


Case study,Communication,Deming, W. Edwards,Higher education

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