Sandwich Board, Humpty Dumpty, and ISO -- Together?


Fletcher, Anthony C.; Youngblood, Gay A.   (1998, ASQ)   Eagle Group USA, Inc., Troy, MI; Robotron, Southfield, MI

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10674    May 1998    pp. 141-148
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Article Abstract

ISO 9000 implementation and registration at Robotron depended on employee motivation and commitment. The initiative began with appointment of an implementation team (IT), which selected Eagle Group as its consultant partner. The IT set up five ISO 9000 information centers where employees could look at meeting minutes, standards, and other documents as they were published. The team also developed an orange continuous improvement form and for one month accepted any suggestion submitted on the easy to see form. By the end of five months, the 60 hourly employees and 80 salaried employees had submitted 450 forms. The IT communicated a new quality policy to employees via T-shirts, tote bags, and boot-up computer screens. Although such efforts did stimulate employee motivation and involvement, there was some loss of momentum at the end of the first phase of implementation. The second phase introduced new motivational devices, including a Humpty Dumpty that was cracked into the twenty ISO 9000 elements. The Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip company supplied T-shirts, bumper stickers, ties, potato chips, and even a stuffed Humpty that facilitated awareness of and involvement in the implementation project. Countdown boards helped maintain employee interest and commitment as the time for the ISO 9001 registration audit neared. Robitron passed its audit, and it received the ISO 9001 certificates a month later.


Case study,Commitment,Motivation,ISO 9000,Employee involvement (EI)

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