The Second Renaissance: Ten Imperatives of Competitive Success in the New Millenium


Puri, Subhash C.   (1998, ASQ)   Standards-Quality Management Group, Nepean, ON

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10661    May 1998    pp. 47-52
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Article Abstract

Success is a multidimensional state that is built on past experiences and on preparation for the ever changing environment of the information age. Among the postulates of organizational success are the following. First, tangible commitment is needed to purposes that are well defined, integrative, and known to all. Second, long-term improvements require continuous future scanning. Third, an organization should have a dynamic customer orientation. The organization should know its customers and potential customers, and there should be tangible evidence of customer focus. Fourth, operational competencies and infrastructural capability should be adequate enough for growth. These factors include communication systems, logistics, raw materials, operational resources, and technology. Fifth, quality is the most essential imperative. It thrives in an atmosphere of empowerment, simplicity, and self-driven commitment. Sixth, personal excellence and motivation are needed for managers and workers. Seventh, recognition systems, empowerment, and training should support a continual improvement mindset. Eighth, concurrent reengineering is the key to systematic restructuring. Ninth, there must be a passion for excellence and market credibility. Tenth, sensible management is built on principles like operational simplicity, worker-driven processes, and continuous training.


Customer focus,Management,Continuous improvement (CI),Competitiveness,Commitment

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