A Quality Management Approach: Improving the Advertising-to-Sales Track Record


Blair, Margaret Henderson; Baillargeon, Victor P.   (1998, ASQ)   rsc The Quality Measurement Company, Evansville, IN

Annual Quality Congress, Philadelphia, PA    Vol. 52    No. 0
QICID: 10657    May 1998    pp. 1-10
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Article Abstract

Advertising measurement that relies on primary and diagnostic tools can lead to continuous improvement. The quality management approach to advertising at rsc uses ARS Persuasion for primary behavioral measurement. This well validated tool measures the difference in brand choice before and after exposure to the advertised product. Secondary advertising measures at rsc are diagnostic or causal indications of feedback for advertising improvement. Measurement is applied at key stages in the advertising process. At the selling-proposition stage, the measures demonstrate that the reason-to-buy factor is an early predictor of advertising success. For example, in campaigns that begin with superior basic selling propositions, 70 percent of the executions are superior. Advertising measurements also can suggest which executions are more persuasive and deserving of media dollars. The persuasiveness acts quickly, as revealed in the discovery of a wearout pattern of diminishing returns. About 50 percent of the selling power of an ad lasts about 1000 Gross Rating Points. The payouts from applying measurement feedback to advertising at rsc have led to short-term and long-term returns on investment of ad dollars, a result that benefits advertisers as well as advertising agencies.


Case study,Advertising,Continuous improvement (CI),Measurement and control,Quality management (QM)

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