Human Performance Management: The People Side of Quality


Uday, Marcey; Giberson, Tom   (1997, ASQ)   Prism Performance Systems, Farmington Hills, MI

Annual Quality Congress, Orlando, FL    Vol. 51    No. 0
QICID: 10641    May 1997    pp. 938-947
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Article Abstract

A human performance management system helps employees understand their jobs and the behavior expected of them, while matching employee goals and needs with organizational needs. A model of the system demonstrates the connections between customer needs and individual performance and between individual performance and individual performance support. Model elements include: customer needs, individual performance, vision/mission, values, goals, core organizational competencies, job analysis and description, performance appraisal, career path planning, and compensation. A human performance management system should be aligned with the given organization's culture, including its values and structure. The system also should fulfill legal requirements for avoiding discrimination and adverse impact and for dealing only with those performance factors that are job related. Steps for creating and implementing the system include the following. Get buy-in from executive leaders. Build a representative team. Describe the current system. Validate or establish business objectives, guiding principles, mission, values, and vision, as well as core competencies and processes. Perform a gap analysis. Then establish or improve these elements: job analyses, job profiles, documented recruitment and selection, compensation/benefits process, reward/recognition process, performance and output assessment, performance feedback system, and continuous monitoring and improvement.


Alignment,Culture,Employee relations,Performance appraisals,Human resources (HR),Legal actions,Employees

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