Design for Reliability: Megatrends to Look Out For


Wasserman, Gary S.   (1997, ASQ)   Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Annual Quality Congress, Orlando, FL    Vol. 51    No. 0
QICID: 10633    May 1997    pp. 861-868
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Article Abstract

Increased use of computer-aided engineering tools and robust design strategies as well as decreased reliance on prototype testing activities are part of the new approach to design for reliability in the competitive environment. Five trends affect product design organizations. First, it is necessary to hear the voice of customers and know their requirements, through methods like benchmarking, market surveys, and quality function deployment. Second, the design cycle should be shortened, especially via concurrent or simultaneous engineering techniques. Reliability professionals should be on design teams, and there should be less time allotted to testing and validation. Third, organizational flexibility that produces robust products can satisfy changes in market forces. Reusable design is an appropriate technique for robustness. Fourth, cost reduction must be a major activity, and every activity related to reliability needs a cost/benefit analysis. Fifth, understanding of noise effects helps management of the interface between robust design and reliability. Reliance on test-analyze-and-fix methods should not be overdone, and the organization must strive to avoid over- or under-designed products. It is helpful to be aware of Taguchi's classification of noise sources, including outer noise (as from environmental conditions), inner noise (as from degradation), and the variation that leads to between-product noise.


Concurrent engineering,Design,Reliability,Manufacturing,Product development,Engineering

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