The Intersection of Business Excellence Paradigms: TQM, Reengineering, Change Management, and Customer Service Management


Golomski, William A.J.; Weddle, Timothy E.   (1996, ASQC)   William A. Golomski & Associates, Chicago, IL 60604-2208

Annual Quality Congress, Chicago, IL    Vol. 50    No. 0
QICID: 10487    May 1996    pp. 774-779
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Article Abstract

The field of quality has evolved and been redefined over the last 50 years based upon concepts from many different fields including social psychology, systems engineering, and computer science. In the last few years reengineering, change management, and customer service management have emerged as possible paradigms. This paper summarizes a survey of 20 Fortune 500 CEOs to determine their views on whether these new paradigms arecompetitors to Total Quality Management (TQM) or an enhancement of it.

Based on the indication that most CEOs were familiar with the new paradigms and were searching for improvements in their corporate performance, they were surveyed on how they conceptualize the intersection of TQM and the other paradigms. The CEOs were also surveyed on what paradigms were currently in use by frequency and substitution.The results indicated that about half of the CEOs view the paradigms as disjointed or isolated programs which can be implemented independently or purchased individually from a consultant. The other half see TQM as the umbrella concept with the other paradigms as niche subsets. TQM is the most frequently used program, followed closely by Re-engineering and Customer Service Management. In summary, TQM is either an umbrella concept to contain other paradigms or as a substitute for the other paradigms. As stated by one CEO: "We believe that one overarching concept is enough. Otherwise it gets so confusing."


Change management,Total Quality Management (TQM),Customer service

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